Ko Kuffuor
An astonishing actor, with 27 years of martial arts, fluency in four languages (french, english, twi and fanti), a workable competency at accent impersonation, great improvisational skills, and a look with such universal appeal that he can become anything at any time, this artist is one of the most underrated and therefore tragically slept on performers of our time.

With competency in both pre and post production as well as writing and photography, this is such a well rounded individual that any project that he is attached to will not only find someone with a full understanding of what it takes, but someone who is also willing to take risks.

While no longer competing after 13 years, he is still enjoying adrenaline opportunities with skydiving, weapons training and pain resistance being among his current activities.

A lucrative and life long career is assured for Ko Kuffuor; and we look forward to every moment.
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